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" Purpose doesn't show up suddenly in our lives, it has always lived within us"

Alexandra Villar Rosa

Soledad Alexandra Villar Rosa
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Avocado Watercolor Print

SOLEDAD (c) * 

An Original Composition (1998) by

Alexandra Villar Rosa & Cristina Villar Rosa

Producer & Sound Recording Engineer: Diego Jinkus

  Miami, Florida in the year 2002. 

* This Sound Recording is only available for listening through this website.

(C) All Rights Reserved. AVRSOUND Indie Art & Music/ Alexandra Villar Rosa

One of my quotes:

"I happen to love avocado
and the truth is that my
mouth even waters a bit
when I see one. Nevertheless, 
since in the past it's given me
bad allergies, I have developed
a surprisingly strong will
to opt out of it". 

Indie Artist


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